The Trick to Big, Healthy Buds | Cannabis Growers Guide 101

CALIVE Blog Cover The trick to big, healthy buds | Cannabis Growers guide 101

In 2022, CALIVE was involved in an experiment regarding LED grow light performance and studied its effects on flowering cannabis plants. While we published the documented experiment process in a separate blog, today, we are focusing on the experiment’s results.

Before we dive into the statistics of the result, here is a quick explanation of the experiment process. CALIVE’s DRAGON LED Grow Light 760W is engaged in a controlled experiment comparing this light with GAVITA’s 1930e (a competitive product by another grow light brand with similar features to CALIVE’s DRAGON).

CALIVE DRAGON 760W VS Gavita 1930e

Each light was assigned to a square of cannabis seedlings; both lights were equally spaced from the plants, turned on for the same duration each day, and placed under the same settings. After a month, the plants under DRAGON proved taller, with more lush leaves than the crops under GAVITA’s grow light. Throughout the seedling and vegetation process, CALIVE discovered that the cannabis under the DRAGON LED Grow Light 760W experienced faster and healthier growth due to our unique, superior duo-spectrum light technology, providing balanced blue and red light to the plants.

After the batch of buds was harvested in late December, DRAGON’s additional red diodes contributed to more extensive and vibrant buds during the flowering stage, resulting in a higher yield and more successful harvest. While both batches of weed yielded similar amounts of buds, the quality and overall well-being of the buds under CALIVE’s DRAGON LED Grow Light surpassed those under GAVITA’s 1930e, making DRAGON the perfect choice for experienced growers, retrofitting projects, or new cultivators.

Plants under CALIVE DRAGON LED grow light shows good result at flower grow stage

In order to contextualize the outcome, we must understand the characteristics of healthy cannabis buds. Firstly, high-quality buds often have a deep green hue with hints of orange, red, or purple. DRAGON’s buds match this description accurately, this is contributed to DRAGON’s incorporation of extra red LEDs that better stimulated the flowering stage. In contrast, GAVITA 1930e’s buds present signs of an unhealthy harvest with its slightly dull, brown discoloration: indications that the plants were too old or received over-intense amounts of lighting.

Zoom in to one plant and show the detail grow result of how great the plant can be under DRAGON grow light
Detail explain of DRAGON extra red LEDs

In addition, the thin layer of crystal coating visible in DRAGON’s buds expresses a higher density of trichomes, tiny mushroom-like crystals on the surface of the buds that serve as the main production center for cannabinoids and terpenes. Cannabinoids and terpenes are the elements that produce THC and the rich fragrance in high-quality cannabis. Therefore, the relatively high amounts of trichomes indicate a successful harvest. This feature is not as apparent in the buds under GAVITA 1930e’s grow lights.

Dragon 760W VS Gavita 1930e 780W

In conclusion, this in-depth experiment comparing the two most prominent LED grow lights on the market has pronounced CALIVE’s DRAGON LED Grow Light 760W as a clear winner for indoor cannabis cultivation. The superiority of DRAGON is proven once again with its balanced red and blue spectrum, efficient heat dissipation design, and universal compatibility. DRAGON offers an excellent alternative for cultivators switching from the traditional, energy-consuming HPS and HID lighting systems, growers looking for a supplemental compound system, retrofitting scenarios, or those seeking a brand-new intelligent indoor lighting system. On top of that, CALIVE DRAGON presents the most economical pricing for LED grow lights in this category range.

DRAGON LED Grow Light 760W ensures the healthiest, most vibrant, and highest-quality buds during harvesting, supplying a successful season for any indoor cannabis cultivator.