How to Save Money With Daisy-Chaining | Level Up Your Greenhouse!

How to Save Money With Daisy-Chaining | Level Up Your Greenhouse!

For decades, the grow light industry has remained stagnant in technology and innovation. But in recent years, the breakthrough of LED grow light systems  have revolutionized indoor cultivation by introducing a new standard of performance and efficacy  that far outweighs the traditional HPS and HID systems. As new and experienced cultivators switch to LED grow lights, more and more people understand the significance of efficient operation and energy conservation. The widespread adoption of LED grow lights has significantly reduced growers’ electricity bills, maintenance, and installation costs – saving thousands of dollars each year. But what if you can do more to further lower daily operational costs and ensure maximum profit as a cultivator?

How to Save Money With Daisy-Chaining Level Up Your Greenhouse!

In this article, we will discuss “daisy-chaining” technology  and how this may transform your greenhouse or indoor cultivation facility.

What exactly is daisy-chaining? Daisy-chaining is a novel wiring solution that provides increased customization and adaptability for horticulture operations. Contrary to the conventional practice  of connecting each grow light to one power outlet, daisy-chaining allows many grow lights to be connected to one power outlet.

How-to-Save-Money With-Daisy-Chaining -Level-Up-Your -Greenhouse

This wiring system  enables the individual lights to be plugged into a central power cable that leads to just one power outlet. Daisy-chaining technology can help decrease energy loss during the transfer from the wall socket to the light and minimizes power requirements. More importantly, daisy-chaining allows for easy layout modification without the hassle of calling an electrician. Applying this wiring system can maximize space usage in an indoor setting by moving away from complicated wiring to a more organized and compact wiring design. Connecting multiple grow lights will also reduce installation costs and optimize control for light operation with just one central controller.


Switching to a daisy-chaining wiring solution is easy and inexpensive, available for all existing LED systems. CALIVE’s commercial grow lights: TITAN 600W, and FLUTTERBY 400W/600W/800W , are great LED grow lights compatible with daisy-chaining.


Daisy-chaining TITAN and FLUTTERBY  grow lights will yield the most optimal performance and efficiency , lowering operational and maintenance costs to a minimum – creating the most economical LED grow light system solution on the market. The compact and linear design of TITAN 600W and the efficient and powerful FLUTTERBY 400W/600W/800W can be utilized in numerous applications, guaranteeing unparalleled results.