LED Cannabis Grow Light FLUTTERBY design delivers the most efficient energy to your plants with low power consumption. These low-profile and easy-to-install LED cannabis grow light are ideal for vertical farm grows or single roller tables. FLUTTERBY LED grow lights optimize the grow space and produce the highest $/sq. ft. in an indoor grow. Whether used for growing leafy greens, vegetables, or cannabis, FLUTTERBY LED grow lights will deliver better quality crops and higher crop yields. Also FLUTTERBY LED cannabis grow light is dimmable. Growers can set up the energy output by themselves and control the entire growing process. Grower can control the out put from the button on the fixture, or connect the cannabis grow light with CALIVE Intelligent Control System. More important, LED cannabis grow light FLUTTERBY can work with CALIVE UVIR supplemental kit to enhance the yield in cannabis grow.