CALIVE grow lighting is used for produce, leafy greens, micro greens, flowers and many other crops in indoor grow environments.

CALIVE has adjustable light bars on the fixture, that give the cultivator ultimate flexibility to adjust the angle light is emitted from our fixture.

CALIVE want to help you be successful in your markets. The way we do that is a hands on and coordinated marketing approach with our channel partners.

For a long time, HID lights, such as high pressure sodium and Metal Halide fixtures, were the go to options for indoor cultivation.

CALIVE fixtures have a self-dimming option, which allows the cultivator to manually dim, or brighten their lights based on the need of their plants.

Just as you would  expect in the lighting layout of a commercial building, CALIVE produces lighting designs and layouts for grow rooms.

One of the things that make CALIVE unique in a crowded me-too segment, is our ability to offer a daisy chain solution.

Most cultivators are going to want more flexibility and creativity, which is why we offer an intelligent Light Control system.