CALIVE FLUTTERBY 640 Watt: Genetics in the Big Leagues

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CALIVE FLUTTERBY 640W LED Grow Light Test from Wavy Flower

Back in May 2021, we collaborated with a local horticultural farm called Wavy Flower to test our newly designed commercial-led growth light FLUTTERBY 640W for three months. We sent out four FLUTTERBY 640W and installed the lights at their facility in . The light helped plants from seeding to harvest.

After three months of test, Wavy was surprised by the fabulous performance FLUTEERBY 640 achieved. They finally bought the testing sample and moved the fixtures to larger facilities.

Below is the product review from Wavy Flower growers:

Direct Feedback From Test Facility

Transitioning from small-time breeding to a full pollination seemed utterly impossible as we stood back and looked at our baby home grow light. We knew it would not be enough to power the new skunk line we had decided on a few months ago in May 2021 and started on our hunt for something a little more substantial. Full coverage and high seed yields is what we were after. We teamed up with Luna Cultivation out of Illinois to find exactly what we needed to make this possible.

Dani with Luna Cultivation quickly linked us up with CALIVE Specialty Lighting, and they over delivered from the start. We received four CALIVE FLUTTERBY 640-watt lights, and were ready to start a journey into a professional setting, more than we had accomplished so far. We used one light for the pollination, and the other three lights in the vegetative room. 

Promising Delivery

The whole package came safely and delivered on a pallet. Each fixture is around 36 pounds. We used the supplied hangers, which worked out perfectly for our ceiling height at 9 feet. The light had a tendency to fold during hanging, and may need a locking mechanism in the future to address this issue. The driver is mounted on one side of the light, while the other side is hollow. This made one side of the light holding a majority of the weight. Make sure you have this light hung and secured well on this side.

High Intensity & Yield Outcome

The plants started under a much smaller light at 250 watts. After being transferred to the CALIVE FLUTTERBY 640-watt, it took approximately two weeks for the stretch to occur, really growing the ladies to their potential for the pollination. We added the male for two weeks for ample pollen disbursement and the females were left to do their magic. The light offered the intensity needed for this to be successful, and was placed about 18-inches above the top of the plants. We enjoyed seeing our girls praying to the light daily, staying healthy and happy with the setting. They were in flower for 75 days, and produced a high yield of seeds among all the females. They came to about 2,000 seeds per plant. 

Compare With HPS During Vegetative Stage

The other three lights we used were put into a commercial setting for the vegetative room, and for vegetative purposes only. We used the Calive Flutterby 640-watt as the middle stage of the room; the first stage incorporates a 1200-watt purple LED, and the last stage uses the 1000-watt HPS. We noticed the most growth occured under the Calive Flutterby, and that they responded better under this light in comparison. There was approximately a consistent inch-per-week growth in this stage, under this light.

Key Takeaways

We summarized the pros and cons to the CALIVE FLUTTERBY 640W below:



After testing and running our full pollination, we would recommend the CALIVE FLUTTERBY 640-watt to professional growers who are looking for a quality fixture. It is efficient, has a good spectrum for cannabis plants, and we had zero issues with them. We appreciate the ability and opportunity to use these lights in partnership with CALIVE Specialty Lighting and Luna Cultivation. Make sure to follow them for the latest in fixtures for your grow needs.

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