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What is the output of CALIVE LED grow light in Lumens vs. Micromoles?

Lighting for horticultural purposes is measured in Micromoles rather than Lumens. A Lumen measures visible light for humans and is intended for general illumination, but it is ill-suited to measuring light perceived by plants. As we say around here, “Lumens are for humans.” In journals and trade publications, you’ll see light referred to in terms of Micromoles per square meter per second (µmol/m²/sec).

Why uniformity is important for controlled environment?
Light uniformity is how evenly the light source is distributed across a given area. In most circumstances, the light intensity right under the light will be stronger creating a “hot spot”. Especially if a growing space requires multiple grow light systems, there will be patches of unevenness. Why is even growth rate especially important for an indoor growing environment? If lights are not distributed evenly, the plants under the bright hot spot will grow faster and taller, thus casting shadows on the smaller plants. The smaller plants will have restricted growth due to the lack of lighting which will make them grow even slower. Even the faster-growing plants will have more issues, such as getting too close to the fixture and risking being burnt.

For more detail, please visit our blog: What is Light Uniformity?


What is the expected degradation of CALIVE LED grow light output?

CALIVE LED grow lights are rated for 50,000 hours with no more than 10% degradation.

How does UVWand work?

1. Click the Start Button to turn it on.

2. Hold the UVwand approximately 2-3 Inches from the surface and gradually move the UVwand over the entire surface.

3. Allow the UV Light to stay in each area for 15-20 Seconds to ensure optimum exposure, killing 99.99% of the germs and bacteria.

4. That’s it! It’s super easy.

What are the safety features in CALIVE UV disinfection products (e.g., skin, or eye damage ,cancer)?

– 3D sensor detection: Microwave + PIR sensors, automatically turn units off when a person is detected.

– When the motion sensor detects movement in the room, the unit will shut off.

– Fail safe feature if any sensors fail.

– After 12s and rapid beeping, the whole lamp will turn on and start to sterilize promptly.

– Protection Wire Guard.

– ETL Listed (Electrical & Fire Safety)

– FDA Registered.

– Suggested accessories such as Face Shield and gloves, which can cover your skin.

How do I safely operate CALIVE UV germicidal products?

– Fail safe feature if any sensors fail.

– Looking at the UV light during operation can cause permanent damage to the eyes and skin.


Why do I need a UV light product?

Ultraviolet Light is used in many hospitals to sanitize medical equipment. It’s the most effective way to keep the environment and objects clean and disinfected. Your body can be contaminated by touching anything that has germs and bacteria. You may touch many things during the day – doorknobs, money, handrails, and more. And every time you touch your devices(phone and computer), you pass the germs from your hands to the device. In fact, the typical smartphone has 18 times the bacteria of a public toilet. It is easy to clean your hands, but it is hard to disinfect phone, computer, door knobs, and surfaces. That’s why we created the UV Light products.

Are UV light products safe?

UV Light devices are widely used in hospitals and are 100% safe.

Can I Apply UV Light Products On My Skin?

No. You can only apply UV Light products on objects and surfaces such as box, doorknob, computer, phone, desk, toilet, keyboard, etc.

Do UV Light Products Kill Viruses and Bacteria?

CALIVE UV Light products kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, germs, and molds. They are used in the hospital to sanitize medical equipment, providing a clean and hygienic environment.

How to verify if disinfection has been effective after using a UV product?

UV test meter or UV exposure safety card can help to verify the effectiveness of the UV products. Each CALIVE UV product will include a UV exposure safety card.

How effective are UV products for disinfection purpose?

– Testing Report By SGS on different viruses: H1N1, H3N2 etc. which shows the UV products can kill up to 99.99% of Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi and Molds.

– CALIVE UV products use Quartz UVC Technology with powerful intensity, effective wavelength, and exposure duration.

– CALIVE UV Germicidal Lights are FDA Registered.

Can UV damage room surfaces and objects in a space (e.g. color-fading, surface deterioration)?

We do not recommend the use of UV products when there are high-value objects in the space.

What is the ongoing maintenance /reliability /useful life of UV disinfection products?

In order to maintain the necessary UVC intensity, we suggest that customers replace the product every 12 months. Each product has a date code and a label for customers to mark the date that the product began operation.

Are UV disinfection products affordable?

CALIVE specializes in providing safe, UV products at an affordable cost.

Will UV disinfection products drive up my energy use and electricity costs?

No need to worry about the energy consumption of CALIVE UV products since CALIVE only recommends products that require no more than 2 hours per day of operation, for disinfection purposes.

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